Bob studied and performed at ImprovOlympic, Annoyance Theater, and Second City in Chicago where he performed with Johnny Roast Beef and Concept Album before moving to Austin in 2005. He has since taught, coached and performed at Coldtowne Theater with award-winning troupe The Frank Mills,  The Smoking Arm and Stool Pigeon. At ColdTowne, Bob won the award for Straight Characters so often, they named the award for him.

He is an original cast member of the acclaimed sketch comedy podcast, Victrola, finalists in the Improv for Humans/Earwolf Competition (2017). You can listen to episodes or download their album Virtual Aurality (Sure Things Records) on iTunes

Teaching emphasis: Grounded scenework, second beats.



Erika received her start in Chicago, training and performing at ImprovOlympic, Second City and ComedySportz, where she played with house teams Mr. Sir, Hall of Presidents and indie team, Bevy and was a writer and featured player in the long-running "Late Night Late Show with Mark Luge". In 2005, she moved to Austin in where she was a member of the award-winning troupe The Frank Mills and co-founded the ColdTowne Conservatory, where she helped train hundreds of students.

Her directing and producing credits include Whirled News Tonight – Austin (2005/2006), Mortified (Austin) 2006, Braised in Texas (2013), Bridgeport Women’s Correctional Facility (2014), Tweet Dreams (2015) and Title Fine (2016). 

She's won several awards for her work individually and as part of an ensemble including “Outstanding Director”, "Most Valuable Player" and "Best Characters" and she is the founder and Executive Producer of the Ladies Comedy Retreat

Teaching emphasis: Characters, theme, grounded scenework.